Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gargoyles and Tombstones!

Just to get you in the Halloween spirit; gargoyles and old tombstones from my trip last year to France.


It was worth every stinkin' winding narrow step to get to the top of Notre Dame just to get up close and personal with some of Paris' oldest and most fearsome residents.

I just LOVE gargoyles! They are trying so hard to be scary, but I think they are kind of cuddly.

I think this guy is my favorite. I thought the view was spectacular, but I guess anyone could get bored with this view of Paris after several hundred years.

On an early morning walk around a tiny town in the Loire Valley we cam across the coolest old graveyard with scrolled rusted iron crosses and crooked tombstones. I couldn't help myself. I had to sneak inside to get some pics!

Is there anything cooler than old tombstones? No.

Loved the shadows at that early hour!

This one had been broken (perhaps in the war) and repaired.

A stack of random old stones and crosses against the wall. Don't you just love the moss?

Have a terrific Halloween!