Monday, November 29, 2010

The Risenmay Family

Picture Perfect!

This is another family that I just love! So many little ones - reminds me of my own family just a few years back (minus the tutus and barrettes, and before the glorious era of the built-in baby sitter!) Its fun to watch these good parents chasing all the wiggily kidlets. Good times. Good times.

That is precisely why this shoot was such a challenge. These kids can move! But so can I, so I chased them down and we did our best. But it helped that they are so darn cute!

Enjoy the view from my Attic Window!


  1. I've been excited to see these. Very awesome. You did a super duper job! What an adorable family. Everyone looks great and Roxanne -- what a hottie! Love the Risenmays!!!

  2. Best pics yet Rachelle. I love the ones of just Chris and Roxanne.

  3. Rachelle, not only am I witness to the craziness of these 6 children (oh excuse, I added my husband there), I am witness to how amazing you are! I love EVERY picture and had trouble choosing which ones to frame and use for the Christmas card, so I think I ended up getting at least one of each!
    You are fabulously talented!

  4. Since Roxanne said you were taking there fam. pics. i've been waiting and waiting to see them! They turned out so Awesome! Wow! Love em!