Monday, June 13, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Scott

I love this lady to pieces, and it turns out that this guy here, Dave, thinks she is pretty terrific too! (Smart man!) That's why they got hitched last month at the Redlands Temple, and I was lucky enough to take the pics!

I love this one! WooHoo!!!

My girl, Em.

This is my favorite! Ah, love.

These guys are just about the greatest people I know.

Love this! I had to get this shot quick and grab the rings before the door flew open and they went flying.

Emily absolutely LOVES magnolias, so these are for her.

Her dress reminded me of a Tiffany's box. So pretty.

Another favorite. She was so fussed over! I love it!

The toast.

And they're off!


  1. Beautiful pictures Rachelle! Wish I was closer so you could help me improve in photography!

  2. Wonderful photos. Thank you so much Rachelle!

  3. They look like celebraties the last picture:) All of the shots were so pretty. They look happy:)